Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Hike to Hornby

It rained throughout today's training walk, at times quite heavily. But I didn’t mind. I've grown to quite enjoy walking in the rain. Plus I wanted to give my waterproof New Balance 965 shoes a good workout in the wet. They came through OK. My feet certainly stayed dry, which is the main thing.

While at Hornby I checked out the Columbia outlet store to see if they had any fleece vests. I already have a Columbia fleece vest that I was intending on taking to Japan, but Mrs Fool doesn't like it. She says that it's too big and that it sticks up at the shoulders, a bit like a Japanese kataginu, or shoulder piece, as worn by the handsome warrior in the photo below. So I've been looking around for a replacement. I've tried on quite a few over the last week or so, but I'm having trouble finding one in the right colour, the right size, and the right style.

Distance walked today: 15.6km
Total distance walked since Tokaido training began: 308.2km
Days left until departure: 11

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