Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tweet tweet

I've been thinking about how I'm going to keep you all informed of my progress as I walk the Tokaido. As I've noted previously, for a number of reasons the idea of writing a detailed blog entry at the end of each day isn't one that appeals to me. I'd rather do what I did when I walked the Nakasendo, which was to keep a written journal and use that as the basis for writing a comprehensive account (with photos) when I got back home. But I know some of you won't want to wait that long and will be dying to know what I'm up to as my trip actually unfolds.

Well, it seems this is exactly the kind of situation Twitter was designed for. The only drawback I can see is that SMS, the preferred method for sending tweets on the go in most countries, is virtually non-existent in Japan. Most mobile phones in Japan are email-equipped, and this is by far the most popular method of mobile text communication. However, using Twittermail, I should be able to forward short email messages from my mobile phone in Japan to my Twitter page, where you'll all be able to read them. So you'll be able to check to see what time I got up, what I had for breakfast, where I stopped for lunch, whether I'm being attacked by bears, and so on.

Distance walked today: 3km
Total distance walked since Tokaido training began: 210.8km
Days left until departure: 24


Walking fool said...

That's weird. Someone appears to have hijacked my twitter account.

Anonymous said...

Send 2000,000 to Mr Cash via Western Union and we can sort this out. You will get double your money back. Promise.

Walking fool said...

You bastard. Give those shoes back!