Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Excerpts from one-star customer reviews of David Mamet's Spartan on Amazon:
The clever dialog turns to just plain non-sense. The plot is just jumbled weirdness. The wonderful actors talents are wasted.
The entire film was utterly painful to watch, and the dialogue seemed like it was written by a retarded monkey.

Despite the confusion and frightful lines, devoid of any humor or humanity whatever, the plot is so flimsy that the general idea emerges quite easily.

The dialogue gets so fast and furious at points that, if it weren't for the all the frequent repetitions, you'd have to be rewinding all the time to hear what was said.

Mamets lauded dialoge makes Judge Dredd look like Alexander Hamilton.

The acting is stilted and disjointed to start. The diaglog is as banal as it gets, and most of the time it doesn't even make any sense. The scenes jump from one to another with no intelligible transitions.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen. The writing was ridiculous. It gave me creepy chills it was so bad.

Single-threaded storyline (...), characters and dialog that manage to be both cliche and unrealistic, lack of development makes many of the characters interchangable.

Preposterous plotting aside, this movie was a waste in pretty much every other regard -- the acting is uniformly mannered and dull, the dialog is a hackneyed, unnecessary rehash of Mamet's trademark circular/repetitive verbiage, and the tough-guy posturing is just plain lame

To say that David Mamet is an utter thumping no-talent is to gravely insult no-talents. This movie is so bad it would be inappropriate for me to explain what is bad about it.

This has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life. The story is interesting but the dialog and acting is absolutely dreadful.

I could only handle watching about half this movie before i ejected it. Just the wooden way the dialogue was delivered by Kilmer and the unbelievability of the film was enough to drive me crazy.

The characters funtions were hard to follow, the scenario was completely unbelievable, the acting was stilted, and the writing was very poor.

I just don't understand all of the positive reviews of this movie. Val Kilmer's performance is so over-exagerrated, and so is the rest of the cast, especially the young lady who is begging to be put on the mission.

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