Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Dreaming of 'the big one'

I knew I wouldn't be the first foreigner to walk the length of Japan (Tyler MacNiven and Alan Booth being perhaps the most notable members of this club), but it seems I won't even be the first New Zealander to achieve this feat. Craig Stanton walked from Cape Sata to Cape Soya in 2008. Along the way he blogged and took some very nice photos. You can see the results here.

Speaking of nice photos, Swede Joseph Nilsen is part way through his own solo walk from Cape Sata to Cape Soya. His blog is here.

Booth was under forty when he completed his walk, and both Stanton and Nilsen are in their twenties by the look of them, so perhaps I'm in with a chance of being the oldest foreigner to walk the length of Japan.

But enough of this dreaming about "the big one"; what about my Koshu Kaido plans? Well, I've booked my accommodation for nine of the ten nights I'll be on the road between Shimo-Suwa and Tokyo. The missing link in the chain is Otsuki. I was originally thinking of taking a train to Fujiyoshida and spending the night there, but I may wing it and bed down in a ryokan or minshuku in Otsuki itself.

Distance walked since last post: 6km
Total distance walked since Koshu Kaido training began: 80.9km
Days left until departure: 78


Josef said...

Depends on how old you are. Mary King walked across Japan, I think she's 49 now. She walked for about a year or so, and she started walking in... 2000 or 2001, so I guess she was about 40 as well.

See her blog:

Oh and thanks for bumping my blog!

Walking fool said...

Hi Josef
Thanks for the info on Mary King. I'll be sure to give her website a good look.
As for my age, all I can say is I'll be well into my fifties by the time I ever get around to doing this!