Thursday, 29 March 2018

Route 16 schedule

So, in just over a month I'll be setting off to walk the length of Japan's National Route 16, which more or less encircles Tokyo, from Yokosuka in Kanagawa prefecture to Futtsu on the other side of Tokyo Bay in Chiba prefecture. Below is my schedule. I've given myself ten days to cover the 241 kms. There are some long days (37 km!), but I won't have much gear and as far as I know there are no major hills. I've done about as much training for this walk as I did for last year's Oshu Kaido hike, which is to say very little! I know the scenery won't be like the kaido I've walked over the last ten years, but I'm looking forward to seeing some places on the outskirts of Tokyo (Yokosuka, Kawagoe, Kashiwa) that I've never been to before.

May 10 (Day 1): Maborikaigan - Yokohama (30 km)
May 11 (Day 2): Yokohama - Sagami-Ono (25 km)
May 12 (Day 3): Sagami-Ono - Hachioji (20 km)
May 13 (Day 4): Hachioji - Kawagoe (36 km)
May 14 (Day 5): Kawagoe - Yoshinohara (15 km)
May 15 (Day 6): Yoshinohara - Kasukabe (22 km)
May 16 (Day 7): Kasukabe - Kashiwa (25 km)
May 17 (Day 8): Kashiwa -Chiba (37 km)
May 18 (Day 9): Chiba - Sodegaura (30 km)
May 19 (Day 10): Sodegaura -  Futtsu (22 km)

Hmm. Just realised those distances add up to 262 km. Don't know how I got the extra 21 kms. Probably I added a bit on some days to account for walking to my pre-booked accommodation, which in some cases is off Route 16. At least it's not less than 241!


Kaminoge said...

I've always wanted to do things like that! I hope the weather is cooperative.

Walking fool said...

Thanks! Yeah, I'm pretty lucky, really, to be able to do things like this. Though sometimes I ask myself why? or shouldn't I be using the time to do something more productive? Anyway, I'll be tweeting along the way like last time, so head on over to @thewalkingfool if you want to follow me "live."