Sunday, 7 September 2014

Nikko Kaido schedule

So, here's the itinerary I've come up with for walking the Nikko Kaido next month, complete with distances. The two longish days at the start are not ideal, but on the positive side it will be pretty flat. After that I'm expecting a gradual ascent to Nikko, though the second to last day will probably be the steepest. The end of the trail is at an altitude of around 550 metres, and there are no passes along the way as far as I know. In comparison, the highest point on the Nakasendo, Wada Pass, is 1531 metres.

Day 1: Nihonbashi - Koshigaya (25.5km)
Day 2: Koshigaya - Satte (23.7km)
Day 3: Satte - Koga (16.5km)
Day 4: Koga - Oyama (16.5km)
Day 5: Oyama – Utsunomiya (29.8km)
Day 6: Utsunomiya - Imaichi (27.2km)
Day 7: Imaichi - Nikko (8.5km)


Anonymous said...

What are the dates?

Walking fool said...

Who wants to know?

Akinori Iwakawa said...
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Akinori Iwakawa said...

Hello! Mr. Walking fool!
I would like to join on Saturday or Sunday!

Walking fool said...
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Walking fool said...

Hello Akinori!
It would be great to walk with you. I will send details of my schedule to you via Facebook.