Friday, 19 November 2010

Rod Dixon

A youthful-looking Rod Dixon popped up on the television the other day. Of the three great New Zealand middle-distance runners of the 1970s (John Walker and Dick Quax were the other two), Dixon was my favourite. Walker may have outshone him with his world record in the mile and Olympic gold in the 1500 metres, but Dixon was an extremely versatile athlete, posting world class times in everything from the 1500 metres through to the marathon.

Perhaps Dixon's greatest single achievement was winning the New York City Marathon in 1983. I remember watching this race live on television. It had what has been described as one of the most dramatic finishes the event has ever seen, with Dixon overtaking Geoff Smith of England in the final kilometre through Central Park to win by eight seconds in what was then the tenth fastest time for the marathon.

Here's a nice article about Dixon. And below is a recent video of Dixon talking about his New York City Marathon win with clips of the race. The scene at the end with Dixon raising his hands in the air while Smith collapses over the finishing line says it all.

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Anonymous said...

Nice clip. I remember watching it too. Glad he has got rid of his moustache. I think the walrus thing was why I preferred Walker.