Thursday, 16 September 2010


Dear readers

Tomorrow I fly to Japan to walk the Koshu Kaido. Here is my final schedule.

Day 1: Shimo-Suwa - Chino (12.8km)
Day 2: Chino - Araki (18.6km)
Day 3: Araki - Nirasaki (28.4km)
Day 4: Nirasaki - Kofu (12.9km)
Day 5: Kofu – Tsuruse (28.9km)
Day 6: Tsuruse - Otsuki (27km)
Day 7: Otsuki - Uenohara (21.3km)
Day 8: Uenohara - Hachioji (26.7km)
Day 9: Hachioji - Chofu (22.5km)
Day 10: Chofu - Nihonbashi (23.1km)

I'll be posting a full report soon after I get back on October 4, but if you can't wait that long you can check my progress on my other blog:

The Walking Fool

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