Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Order tracking

Order No. XXX-0064-3823754990 placed 24 Jul 2010 (04:24:32) on Order status: dispatched

"Word Painting"
by (author) Rebecca McClanahan
Qty: 1


"Herzog on Herzog"
by (author) Werner Herzog
Qty: 1
(Save $1.60)

"The Longest Walk"
by (author) George Meegan
Qty: 1
(Save $2.00)

Shipping: Free worldwide shipping
Total order value: $47.22

Distance walked since last post: 12km
Total distance walked since Koshu Kaido training began: 137.1km
Days left until departure: 49


Mark T said...

The jacket I ordered online over two months ago has still not arrived. But, there is hope. See the news on my blog.

Walking fool said...

Excellent news. By the way, did you get that Viagra I sent you?

Mark T said...

What is Viagra, anyway? I thought it was your wife's name.