Wednesday, 28 April 2010

My next walk

I've started planning my next walking adventure: the Koshu Kaido. One of the gokaido, or five main highways of Edo-period Japan, the Koshu Kaido (labeled C on the map below) is just over 210km long and connects Tokyo with Shimo-Suwa in Nagano prefecture.

Shim-Suwa is also on the Nakasendo, which I walked in 2007 (you can read a bit about it here and here). Since I started both that walk and last year's Tokaido walk in Kyoto, I thought it would be nice to start in Tokyo this time. However, I changed my mind after looking at the following graphic from the glorious Papa Walks the Koshu Kaido website showing the change in elevation along the way (Shimo-Suwa is on the extreme left and Tokyo on the extreme right). So for the third time in four years I'll be walking to Tokyo.

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