Thursday, 7 January 2010

A mystery solved

American Rust is one dark, depressing novel. All of the main characters seem doomed, and I'm not holding out much hope for a happy ending. It's also extremely evocative and very difficult to put down.

In other news, in light of a couple of medical mishaps in recent years which could have turned into medical disasters, I decided to start the New Year by getting a new GP. His first task was to solve a problem which has been dogging me for the last couple of weeks in the form of dizzy spells which hit me first thing in the morning and last for an hour or two. On Tuesday things were so bad I felt quite nauseous.

I had a feeling these had something to do with a drug I'd been taking since I was diagnosed with a kidney stone last October, one of whose effects is to reduce the blood pressure. But what I couldn't understand was that I'd been taking this drug for over two months before the dizzy spells started. The other strange thing was that they appeared to get worse after I stopped taking the drug.

Anyway, I had my first appointment with my new GP yesterday morning, and after quickly checking to make sure my brain and other bits and pieces were working properly, he agreed that the drug was probably to blame. However, he also thought I might have been a bit dehydrated (dehydration being one of the common causes of dizziness). His advice to me was to go home and drink lots of water. So I guzzled down several glasses of water over the course of the afternoon and a couple more in the evening, and lo and behold I woke up this morning feeling almost completely normal. Not drinking enough water is also one of the major cause of kidney stones, so I'll definitely be making a point of keeping up my liquid intake in the future.

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